ESiWACE2 Final General Assembly

Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Barcelona, Spain

The ESiWACE2 Final General Assembly will be held as a hybrid event and back-to-back with the ESiWACE3 kick-off meeting at Barcelona Supercomputing Center in Barcelona, Spain.

The meeting will encompass presentations on work performed, preparations for the finalisation of the project including group work on the final report, and group sessions on topics and tasks to be transferred to the next funding phase ESiWACE3 and to other related projects.

All ESiWACE2 staff members are invited to attend this meeting, and also the ESiWACE3 kick-off meeting and vice versa. Please note that the ESiWACE3 kick-off meeting has a separate registration form.
The registration for both meetings opens on 19 December 2022 and will close on 8 January 2023.

Questions to be addressed by all ESiWACE2 work package leaders in their WP presentation slots: 

  • What is your WP’s (success) story for the final report?

    • Added value through collaboration with industrial partners?

    • How does the work performed compare to the state of the art?

    • What are the foregrounds (project results)?

  • Which tasks / developments originally envisaged are still open (and need to be transferred to ESiWACE3 or other projects)?

  • Is there any / further need for action in the last two months of the project? 

ESiWACE2 project office